Am I really a conspiracy theorist?


Oh, for the love of god. I already knew I would have to send off my citizenship certificate to get a passport, but I didn’t realise I would also have to send off my existing passport. I am slightly worried this will invalidate my existing passport (for a different country) even though I already did the research and know it won’t. Still, I might doublecheck.

The real problem here? Sending off all my official identity documents. I mean, what the fuck. I know chances are I won’t need my passport or citizenship thingie for the next two months. The problem is that I simply don’t trust the government to return everything.

See, my last job required me to work with a lot of asylum seekers/refugees. And the sheer number of times their official documents got lost or fucked up is terrifying. I have to go for some interview, apparently, so I can’t even pay a premium to have a same day appointment where my documents are just checked and instantly returned. Yikes.

I may send TMD to work tomorrow with all my goods so she can make some nice photocopies. And then I’m going to try to trust in the country that I am now a citizen of, that they will process my application nice and quickly, and not lose the pieces of paper who allow me to prove who I am and where I am allowed to live.



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3 Responses to “Am I really a conspiracy theorist?”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    It’s scary. I had to do the same here to get my residency.

  2. Megs Says:

    I had to do same for irish passport and everything was returned to me within 2 weeks.

  3. Jinxy Says:

    I think making good photocopies is a good idea.
    Good luck.

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