You can only mute things after the damage has been done. Lesson one.


Put yourself in my place: you’ve got builders over who are installing a new patio door. You are a chicken and also the lounge is covered in man things, so you are hiding in the bedroom. (You had work calls to make, so feel justified in avoiding noise….less like you are a crazy person.) You are not really eating or peeing, and you are awaiting the moment these men leave with baited breath.

There is a lot of backward-and-forwarding going on in the hallway, as you sit in your nursing glider and wobble back and forth. You are essentially looking like a normal human being, but your back is starting to scream because you really ought to: 1) lie down 2) cook some food and then lie down again.

Killing time, you look at the websites that somehow magically lead back to your own, and you find this:

Remember, you are trying to be nice and quiet. The volume on your computer is a normal level for listening to music or watching clips of lesbian talk show hosts. So, anyway. You click that link.

The front page comes up. Intriguing. Cute? What IS it?

You click ‘enter’ JUST as some guy is walking past your chair, in your quiet library of a house. Do it. Go to the link and enter the page – not just the main page, but make sure to click the little linksie at the bottom to actually enter the site. Feel the burn, baby.


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2 Responses to “You can only mute things after the damage has been done. Lesson one.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    Yes, I clicked the link before reading your last paragraph. I guess I now have to start nap 1,425,428 today.
    I hate sites that make noise. I always have my baby in my arms.
    Cute though.

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