Feel like we have loads of baby stuff now, even if I still don’t totally believe we’re going to have two babies soon.


Okay, trying to stay productive and happy this week so that I am not a mess of quivering lonely nerves by the end of it! Had a fantastic weekend.

Went to a big baby sale (at a national chain) on Saturday – had to use one of those big ass motorized wheelchair shopper things. The old guy who gave it to me warned me that other shoppers would think I was ‘invisible’ in it. I was like, ‘I’m in a frame of metal and plastic. They can ignore me at their peril.’ We also went out for lunch. I was in quite a bit of pain after all that, but it was totally worth it.

Yesterday TMD’s mum and step-dad came up to visit. They went with TMD to a nearly new baby sale (I wanted to go SO BAD but thought it was probably better to not!) and then, yes, lunch out. I relished getting out and about, particularly as there was sun and lots of flowers.

We got kickass baby stuff, most of it at HUGE discounts. Including the playmat courtesy of eBay on Friday, we got:

two playmats (different but both awesome)
nappy bin
bottles, etc
bottle steriliser
bouncer with enough snazzy shit on it we are calling it ‘Vegas’
unbearably awesome cot mobile
cat net
top n’ tail bowl
more clothes
baby bath box with toiletries (think Caboodles for baby. YOWsa)
cotton balls, nipple pads, maternity pads, bath sponges
a few awesome toys
a bunch of stuff I’m sure I forgot

TMD’s mum also brought over stuff to show us – baby sleeping bags, awesome cardigans, blankets, books, shawls. She is so gorgeous and is going to buy scratch mitts, bottle warmer, and car seats! Sil and Bil are buying our pram.

I’ve also been hunting for this foam twins nursing cushion I have heard Really Good Shit about. Finally someone put one on eBay – unfortunately, it’s in the country where I was born. The pillow is like a tenth of the price new, but the SHIPPING is outrageous. Still, with the conversion rate we’ll be paying about half the price of buying it new here, maybe a little less. The funny part? I logged into my resident online baby hangout, and some woman has messaged me to say she wants to sell her freakin’ pillow and she lives very nearby!

We’ll see if the eBay thing works out – if not, hopefully I can still snag this local cushion.

We have a few smaller things to get now, but the biggies remaining are two cot beds, wardrobe, changing station/storage unit. We have gone from zero to hero in about 48 hours.

I feel guilty about Torre. All the clothes people are buying are ‘little boy’ clothes, and I feel like Torre is getting ignored because we don’t know if she is really a she. And if she is a he, I still feel like these clothes were intended for Mano and Torre has been left out! I do hope we find out what little Torre is at the next scan.

Anyway, have a lot of stuff to do today (well, compared to doing nothing and watching Maury all day) so going to get started. It’s chilly and grey out, and the breezes through the open windows are decidedly nippy. It’s semi-nice, though. At least TMD is working a normal length day today, though after work she has to go to a town about a half hour away to pick up some more baby stuff we got from Freecycle.

I just feel sleepy and like I want to take a nap. Mmmm….cozy nap with a sheet or something. (I no longer need blankets, apparently.) Two nights ago I had a terrible miscarriage dream, and last night I had a premature baby dream – where we ended up with triplets instead of twins. All systems were go, despite having them early. I hope this trend of scary dreams ends soon, I’ll say that much.

Okay. Off to make phone calls.


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11 Responses to “Feel like we have loads of baby stuff now, even if I still don’t totally believe we’re going to have two babies soon.”

  1. 2momswithaplan Says:

    Wow! It sounds like you made out in baby stuff! I’m not liking those dreams but they are probably just your fears playing tricks on you. I can’t wait to hear if Torre is really a girl or a boy!

  2. Tatiana Says:

    it is exciting when the baby stuff starts to fill your house, eh? (and it doesn’t end… if someone walked in here today they’d be like “This is Maia’s house… and maybe some adults live here too?”)

    Crazy dreams are just a part of pregnancy, and it’s amazing how vivid they can be. Hopefully yours start to become good crazy soon :]

  3. Ceara Says:

    That’s a lot of baby stuff. I’m sure you’ll use every bit of it. How exciting…for you.


  4. Juice-ica Says:

    Freecycle rocks socks. Sorry you’ve been having insane dreams. I can’t wait to find out if Torre is a boy or girl! ^_^

  5. Lauren Says:

    Oooh how exciting it must feel to have all this baby stuff!

    Just wondering, have you thought about using cloth nappies? With two babies at once it is likely to cost you a hella lot in disposables. Link: http://www.whatprice.co.uk/health/parent/nappies.html

    • existere Says:

      Will have a looksie, thanks. If we were having one, would have gone for cloth. But two? Scared of the amount of washing that would generate…but admit I am ignorant about subject.

  6. Lauren Says:

    Yeah, I can totally understand that.
    This site provides a pretty good overview: http://www.sunshinediapers.com/cloth-diaper-university/getting-started/

  7. Jinxy Says:

    That is a lot amount of baby stuff. Its awesome that you got such good deals.

    I never had baby dreams while pregnant. I just had super duper vivid weird ones.

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