More bump pics!!


Sorry about missing intervening weeks, but here’s me yesterday! I was 22 weeks pregnant.



For now, my bump is still a possible ‘purple bump’  – one boy (we know for sure) and one possible girl. Still have awhile to wait for the next scan (two weeks from this Friday), but tomorrow I have another midwife appointment.

Note: I still have my belly button! It’s stretched, shallow, and distorted, but it’s there. For the longest time the fullest part of my bump (the bit furthest from my body) was perfectly flat. Now my bump bulges a bit both above and below the belly button. I suspect my belly button (needs a name. Vernon?) is holding things in. Is that crazy?


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3 Responses to “More bump pics!!”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    god, 22 weeks… crazy. just crazy. you are a champ! & you look great 🙂 i so hope it’s a purple bump in one way, but then your poor little boy will have to live with three women!

  2. apieceofwood Says:

    Nice bumpage Missy!!!

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