First scan, first good day, hippy hippy shake/pain.


Yesterday was by far the nicest day I/we have had since becoming pregnant. We just spent the whole day together, relaxing and wandering around town, having lunch in ‘our’ place, holding hands in the fragile spring sunshine. Of course, the anti-nausea meds helped! I crammed more food down my throat than it is probably possible to imagine.

The whole weight gain/weight loss thing is interesting. I have spent my whole life effortlessly gaining weight. Now when I actually want and need to do so, it’s so fucking hard. So far, in my thirteen and a half weeks of pregnancy, I’ve lost 2 pounds. Yesterday had me feeling so good I decided to try without meds today, and had spaghetti for breakfast. And lunch. A few hours later I was throwing up into a wrinkled plastic bag on my lap, screaming at TMD to pull over into a quiet residential road.

I then gulped down a pill, a McDonald’s hot apple pie, and a chocolate shake. Niiiiiiiiice.

Tomorrow I have another scan and I still haven’t written about last week’s. In my old diary, tying my shoelaces in a new and funky way would have resulted in a plethora of photos. Now I just seem too tired, or like I have other things to do (like…..get sick?). I just now whipped out the scan pics again (two of each baby, and one of both babies together) and was suddenly surprised to see a baby’s face spring into focus – eye indentation, nose, mouth. A real live person’s profile. Times two.

The scan was incredible. I think TMD loved it more than I did, but I loved it a whole lot. It was a funny feeling, the lady shoving the ultrasound thing very firmly against me in all different places. The babies are sort of stacked on top of each other, like a high rise apartment building. This scan was EXACTLY like a dream I had before I even knew it was twins. Don’t think I wrote about that dream here yet, so will not wax lyrical.

But we saw both heartbeats – a zillion times huger than at seven weeks. Twin 2, as he/she is so romantically called in hospital terms (the baby in the penthouse) was in a funny little position when she was trying to measure top-to-tail (or something), so she went down to the other baby. When she went back, Twin 2 was in good position. And then just as she snapped a picture, we saw a hand move. We all sort of let out this breath of ‘Ohhhhh!’ and when the picture was done, we saw the whole baby wriggle and stretch. That shit is magic, people, let me tell you.

Twin 1 didn’t move the whole time, but it was interesting as the place she was pushing to see that baby was right where I’ve felt all the movement. I said so and she seemed surprised I’ve felt them. (And I’ve felt them since. Sometimes both at the same time!)

Our scan was last Tuesday, and both babies were dated at exactly 13 weeks (due date: August 25). This is one day ahead of the internet, and FOUR days ahead of our IVF clinic. They are both doing perfectly for this stage in the pregnancy.

Tomorrow is a screening scan. I am looking at it as an opportunity to see those kiddies again, as well as to have my mind put at rest. It’ll be just me making my way from one city to another (say it with me: over an hour on a train, then a taxi ride) and will probably have me fighting tears at some point. My hormones seem MILDLY less crazed, but that could be because it’s the weekend. I did just sob uncontrollably at the end of High School Musical 3, which I record in the interest of accuracy.

Feeling very tired and – according to TMD – looking very pregnant. At some point you’ll all see my belly. For now, imagine a very very hard stomach full of sandbags. It’s becoming a killer on my left hip to sleep on my left side. How can I fix this? I need all the moms and mums out there to offer advice!!

(I made a new header in honour of our kidlets. What do you think?)

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4 Responses to “First scan, first good day, hippy hippy shake/pain.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    I like the new header!

    As for the hip thing, I have no advice. The only thing that sort of helped me was sleeping with a pillow between my knees & ankles, but not between my thighs; even right now, sleeping on my side ends up making my hip ache and I find that I wake up with pain every time I try to rotate my leg. I keep waiting for it to get better though!

  2. Anna Says:

    I slept on my side with my belly resting on a pillow x

  3. mommyme Says:

    Love the new header!! My sister has that tattoo on her leg. 🙂

    The hip pain is worse in the beginning and the end. Lots and lots of pillows between the legs!! 🙂

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