Am I a creepy stalker?


ohmygod. She had her baby. Go see!

I had to speed walk to the bathroom at work so I could tear up in private. Not only has a terrific mother and daughter been born, but FUCK. This is proof that pregnancy leads to babies!

I looked at my sideways profile, touched my bump, and promptly had some chest pains which pretty much eliminated my need to sob on Tatiana’s behalf.

I haven’t felt the niblets much today. Apparently they are the size of apples. Maia (Tatiana’s baby) looks like a BIG baby hulk in comparison. Imagine an apple that big.

(I have an apple I want to eat because the potatoes are likely to be icky, but I threw up an apple last night at it looked like worms, so I am afraid. My brain is working hard to make everything gross. I coughed up some chewed muffin a minute ago and instantly thought it looked like a maggot. Fuck you, brain!)

…There was a lot more to this entry and it was all erased. But I know I said that I was so happy for Tatiana and her family. It’s very, very rare I find bloggers I think I would like in person, and she is one of them.

I may now go look at that gorgeous picture of her and Maia again, though my attention is always drawn to the blood on her hand. Ha. And the cute baby hat.  And then back to that delicious looking baby.

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One Response to “Am I a creepy stalker?”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    *hugs* thank you for your kind words & all your excitement and encouragement :] I always look at the blood in that pic too — it’s actually from her body when she was first laid in my arms — I had a smear of “vernix caseosa” on my upper left arm too, but I didn’t notice either for HOURS.

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