Mini me. Sentence fragments. Ten weeks four days pregnant.


You know, I think the aforementioned bump was actually a poop baby. I may have another bump now – but you know, it could be another congested block of The Poo.

Everytime I brush my teeth (which is not twice a day because, well, I will have a vomit baby) my gums bleed. Copious blood. I looked it up in my pregnancy bible and yes, this is a pregnancy symptom. Of the fourth month and beyond. So I’m still a month ahead in the symptoms game. Yahoo.

But as far as ‘the game’ (aka not vomiting goes), I think things are lessening. Slightly.

I am still at home from work. We had a lot of snow on Monday, and everything is still icy. My boss called me last night to say the pavements were still shitty and I should just stay home today. Again.

This is free time off, but not so fun as I’m back to shitty daytime tv and limping around on my own. Monday was like a miracle because we’d been watching the snow since Sunday night and Monday TMD had a snow day as well! Yesterday too. We were jumping around like kids. She spent a lot of time working, but we also poured our energy into her beating the ghost house in World 3 of Mario Brothers.

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4 Responses to “Mini me. Sentence fragments. Ten weeks four days pregnant.”

  1. mommyme Says:

    Congratulations on you pregnancy!! If you can survive the puking, bleeding gums, extreme exhaustion, moodiness and bloating you can survive anything!! LOL! Pregnancy is beautiful, but it sure is hard work! Good luck and I can wait to read more about your journey. 🙂

    • existere Says:

      Thanks very much!!

      Did you know it causes your teeth to loosen in your gums? I found that out yesterday and I’ve never been so horrified in my life!

  2. Tatiana Says:

    Oh shit, it does? Do you have nightmares about losing all of your teeth too? I totally freak out about it.

    My gums bled really badly, but at random, until about week 30. Then that symptom stopped for a whole bunch of other shitty ones.

    Are you getting antsy with the whole not working thing?

    • existere Says:

      Um, I have had nightmares about teeth falling out long before I got pregnant! They are fairly terrible dreams – they just come out, and I spit them into my palm. Sometimes the teeth fragments just keep coming. Delicious.

      Your blog is making me nervous at the moment, because reading how close you are makes me somehow feel like this is all more real! Crazy or what?

      Not working is making me feel blue. At the same time, I sort of can’t imagine going back. It’s been 4.5 weeks. I think I’ll be going in for the morning tomorrow. Fingers crossed I don’t puke on the train.

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