Beating my breast.


Just watching this tv show about a lady who is pregnant with triplets. She was talking about medication – and calling the national helpline to be told, ‘If your leg is falling off, THEN maybe you can take a paracetemol.’

Um, I’ve taken god knows how many of those fuckers. Eight a day for I don’t know how many days. At least a week. And three codeine. Not to mention crossing the road and getting run over.

I am a terrible, terrible mother already. I feel horrid.


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2 Responses to “Beating my breast.”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Don’t feel bad. I’ve had two healthy babies and took paracetamol through both pregnancies. I had symphisis pubis dysfunction during my last pregnancy and so LIVED on paracetamol, and was also prescribed a codeine based painkiller by my doctor for the pain and so I could sleep. Every health professional I came into contact with told me that paracetamol was safe, so don’t beat yourself up on that account!

    Good luck for the pregnancy,


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