Baby belly.


Well, I’m showing. Yes.

I have been ‘thickening up’ for a few weeks now, but all day today I’ve been touching my belly. Right over the pubic hair line, where it is normally flat (if I’m lying on my back, let’s be real) or ‘gently sloped’ if I’m standing. Now I have what TMD and I call a ‘shelf.’

Directly where hair meets skin, my belly pops out a little. And today it’s been out without question. No little slope, no nice fat pad. A pokey outty line where mons ends and babies begin. I always wanted a bump. With twins I knew I’d get one earlier.

I’ve been reading about how you look full term at 25 weeks, how women are begging for c-sections by the end because their stomachs are very painful and the skin feels like it’s going to split, how people have difficulty moving around in the 20-30 week range. I’ve now made an executive decision to stop reading that shit – particularly once I found out about a phenomenon called ‘twin skin.’ Yikes!!!

I don’t know if the casual observer could see my belly.

Thanks to The Accident, I’ve been wearing oversize pajamas for the last two weeks. I wonder what normal clothing would be like. Two weeks ago I had to have my pants completely unzipped with a Bella Band on. I suspect I will need maternity stuff soon. Sil is giving me a bunch next weekend, thank god.

I totally need a coat. I am tempted to say I look like someone ‘not quite there’ mentally in my current coat, as it only buttons on the top two buttons – with a lot of twisting and buckling. Thank Jesus for being confined to the house, huh? And the crutches with the small arm holes that wouldn’t fit a coat?

And in other news, I just saw The Beard.


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3 Responses to “Baby belly.”

  1. sunbonnetsue Says:

    Existeeeeerrrrreee…….Belly pics? Grab TMD and have her take bump photos for us to see. We want to seee! Well, I do. And I know your other readers do too!

  2. Anna Says:

    When my sister had twins she did throw up a lot till about 12 weeks and she did have a mighty belly by the end, but none of that other stuff. Hers were big babies too – 7lb 12oz and 8lb 8oz. All the best x

  3. mrsfinn Says:

    awwww!!! don’t worry about the beard- you can always have it waxed!! That sure is exciting about the bump though!!

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