8 weeks 3 days preggo with two eggos.


In my limited experience of pregnancy, I’d have to say that each experience is different. In some ways, I think I’m getting off lucky with my symptoms. In others, I think – ‘Jesus CHRIST, I’m throwing up all the time!’

This is my twin pregnancy: I’ve been lying on the couch for three weeks now due to The Accident. This means I can take naps at will, focus on eating, and just generally rest emotionally and physically. I can’t compare what this pregnancy would be like if The Accident hadn’t happened. This is the experience as I’ve had it.

A big boil next to my nose (awesome), huge red patches of dry skin on other parts of my face (awesomer), and a wee little golden beard that TMD said the light glinted off last night (awesomest!). I’m throwing up 1-2 times a day, and having horrid dry heaving 1-2 times a day as well. A lot of bad nausea at all hours of the day. Sore boobs, bright nipples, veins so luminous the skin barrier appears to be disappearing. They are now on my abdomen as well. I also have The Dizzies now and then.

None of this particularly bothers me. The cosmetic stuff is merely that – surface level things that don’t really matter. The nausea is a bit more, well, gross. You know how sometimes when you throw up you can’t catch your breath between heaves? That’s me, every night after dinner. Last night it happened in the bathtub. I’m waiting excitedly for the time I manage to make TMD throw up in sympathy; her gag reflex has kicked in on a few occasions, and now I’m not allowed to talk about throwing up because it makes her nauseous. Hell YEAH.

I find myself getting increasingly obnoxious, particularly at bathtime (am I a toddler myself?) because of the accompanying pain from The Accident.

TMD: Boy, my muscles hurt.
Me: You get run over by a fucking motorcycle and THEN you can talk about your muscles hurting.

TMD: Boy, I’m tired.
Me: Tired? You get pregnant with twins and THEN you tell me how fucking tired you are.


TMD: (nothing. quietly sitting minding her own business)
Me: *sobbing* You’d better appreciate me! And these babies! Look what I’m doing! I’m all fucking sick from carrying YOUR unborn children!

Yeah. It’s probably a good thing I’m locked away in the house. I still can’t believe I’m still off work. The muscle pain continues to improve; nerve pain still there, but also not as intense. I can now reliably manage to take myself to the bathroom most of the time. I can also put weight on The Leg to help me stand up. I think the real problem now is that the muscle has contracted. I can’t straighten my leg and put my foot flat on the floor when I’m standing. I think I need to start some stretches or something. Three weeks of not using the muscle can’t be good, hey?

Haven’t heard anything from the hospital yet – I’m hoping an appointment letter for the 12 week scan will come through sometime soon. In the meantime, I’m going to watch Obama’s inauguration today, write Christmas thank yous, perhaps send Christmas cards to those who did not get cards (we ended up sending NONE because of the whole IVF/pregnancy thing). It’s all a bit awkward as only a very limited number of people know about the babies. This leaves us with no real excuse for ignoring everyone at Christmas. (Sunbonnet Sue, I think of how I have not sent you a card like every day. No lie.)

One good thing is that TMD has put this shit I call ‘Napalm’ on my nose-boil. It’s essentially cream for diaper rash, but it’s awesome for spots. It’s turned the giant boil into a tasty little scab. I’ve liked scabs since I was a kid. I find myself touching The Scab like three times an hour. Delicious!

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2 Responses to “8 weeks 3 days preggo with two eggos.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    I’m a total scab-picker. Hideous. I can’t help it.

  2. Happy 11 week birthday, babies. « existere (latin): to stand out, to emerge. Says:

    […] 8 weeks 3 days pregnant […]

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