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BFF – me and big, green couch.

January 19, 2009

Pregnancy is an interesting thing. I’m finally starting to believe there are babies in there. And it’s not just TMD’s constant exclaiming over how veiny I am (‘You look like a roadmap!!’), it’s that time keeps passing and things appear to be a-okay. Of course, the ongoing powerful gagging and retching also helps. As does the fact that blood comes out of my nose every time I blow it.

But that doesn’t stop me from checking my underwear every time I go to the bathroom. You know, just to be sure. Or worrying when my lower back gets period-type pains. (Which, incidentally, I’m getting a lot of today.) Each day that passes makes me feel more terrified, excited, and unsure what to expect. I am thinking about finances, maternity leave, etc.

Bil has offered to buy us a ‘travel system.’ I didn’t know what that was until TMD told me it was (obviously) a pushchair. This freakin’ twin travel system costs 500 for the minimum with no added bits. Yikes!

Her entire family believes we are extremely poor, and I’m thinking that might manage to work in our favour.

Well, I think I may go watch some more daytime television. This is the beginning of my third week off work. I’m starting to get bored and really frustrated. Not to mention ravenously hungry with no TMD/waitress in sight. Just me and the couch.