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A public service announcement.

January 17, 2009

So you say you’re eight weeks pregnant? And functioning relatively like a human?

If you want to continue to be a productive member of society (barring being incapacitated by some sort of freak road accident, but really, folks, that won’t happen to you) then we, the members of the Staying Sane Society, recommend that you not watch the movie Look Who’s Talking.

We, the members of the Don’t Use Convoluted Sentences Society, refute the assertion that the above sentence was appropriate or necessary.

*ahem*  If you deign to watch Look Who’s Talking, be aware that you may become tearful during the opening credits when sperm is fusing with egg. You may also have tears dripping down your cheeks as the obviously robotic baby begins to develop in utero. In fact, your partner may come running from the other room to see why you are emitting a rather disturbing high pitched whine.

If you manage to survive the whole movie, there is a very high chance that you may begin to sob uncontrollably during the end credits (you know, when there is another developing baby scene). The sort of sobbing that is likely to happen is akin to the sort of emotional release that the conclusion of Beaches normally provokes.

You have been warned.