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Only me.

January 11, 2009

It’s me, the feckless hero. I was hoping by now this would all be an exciting, stupid story. Of course I got run over, why wouldn’t I? Ha ha ha, rinse and repeat.

Instead I’m in more pain than ever. Doctor this week said he doesn’t think I’ll need surgery, but pain steadily getting worse. I cannot move unless I am using crutches, and have my Bad Leg propped up on a chair that TMD slowly pulls while I hobble along behind, usually crying or screaming at her. I can no longer straighten my leg while in an upright position.

TMD is showering, and then we’re going to A&E just to get things checked out again. I feel like I could perhaps deal with this pain if I knew it was normal. It just feels like something is terribly, terribly wrong. Being pregnant, painkillers that actually kill pain are out of the question. My doctor offered me codeine. Um, no.

Anyway. Off to the hospital.

I have an update on the pregnancy as well, but won’t feel totally okay about everything until we have the official scan tomorrow, so I’ll wait to give you that news. All of this has been pretty emotionally devastating, thinking what I might have done to our family. All things considered, I am pretty fucking lucky.

I almost hope for my leg to be put into a cast – though I bet I would regret that little statement if it actually happenedĀ – just because it feels and appears that my leg is shrinking and cannot be comfortable unless it is at a very odd angle and bent.

Thanks for the kind comments. Send healing vibes my way.