Rational about being irrational, take twenty-three.


I called this lovely national charity’s pregnancy and birth helpline today. I said, ‘Hello, I’m just looking for some reassurance.’ I said I’d done lots of frantic googling re: cramping and knew it was probably normal, but I just needed a human being to tell me so.

The woman laughed and said, ‘I know how you feel. It’s something perfectly normal, we all have to go through it. Cramping is normal, as is is bit of spotting.’ Thankfully I’m not spotting, but it’s nice to have gotten a pre-warning. I did let the woman know that if I saw blood I would probably have a heart attack.

Aussie said yesterday I am carrying myself like a pregnant lady. That excited me beyond all belief. I’m still expanding, though I imagine the massive amount of food I am eating – combined with living an essentially horizontal life – is a major contributing factor.

Today I did find out that if you have a scan with a visible heartbeat AND are eight weeks pregnant, the risk of miscarriage dramatically drops down to only 3%. I mean, it’s still high as far as I’m concerned, but a lot lower than earlier in pregnancy. My scan next Monday will be at seven weeks five days, which means that on Wednesday I will be the magic eight weeks. Feeling good about that.

Roll on twelve weeks, though. I’ll feel better when I’m out of the dreaded first trimester and am also not reading pregnancy books about how in the first ten weeks your embryo is all hugely at risk from environmental factors. I walked past some pot smokers today and when I could no longer hold my breath, I pulled my scarf up over my face and used it like a breathing filter. In my head I was going, ‘Don’t you KNOW who I AM? How DARE you smoke in front of me.’


After ten weeks the ’embryo’ also becomes a ‘fetus.’ It’s all BABY to me, though. TMD keeps kissing my tummy and talking to my pubis. She’s sweet. After I had the nervous breakdown when I went to the doctor last time, I was crying in department stores, and I also started to weep in a coffee shop when I couldn’t decide what I wanted.

She spirited me off home and took me to ‘TMD’s cafe’, where we sat at the table with some nibbles and a big ass glass of orange juice. There could be no better person to be doing this with. I love love love her.


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2 Responses to “Rational about being irrational, take twenty-three.”

  1. ninjasurromom Says:

    Beautiful read. It’s good to feel your love through your words.

  2. Tatiana Says:

    I fall more in love with my better half every day of this pregnancy too … it is an amazing feeling. You two are sharing something wonderful, and her support is the most important thing that you could have — and yet it’s something most pregnancy books hardly touch on. I’m so happy that you two are so blessed with one another and the baby (or two!).

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