Crazy is as crazy does.


Ah, dudes and dudettes, guess who I get to hang out with on Thursday morning? Dr. Dipshit. He was the ONLY doctor available in the time slot I needed. AWESOME.

On the upside, TMD and I went to tour a maternity suite/unit on Saturday. How surreal it was to be looking at delivery suites when I am only 6 weeks pregnant! I really liked the hospital. It’s not our local one, as that is a den of shitnests, but it’s still quite close.

I decided to go see a doctor (THE doctor) in person to clarify the referral, as my community midwife will have to be from my local area. Not sure how all this works.

Been having lots of cramps since yesterday evening. Virtually all morning today. On this occasion, the internet has soothed me because apparently these are very normal. I might call a pregnancy helpline in a bit just for some reassurance.

Everything feels a bit up in the air around the pregnancy – the meds I need, the appointments, the referrals. I don’t want the actual pregnancy to feel up in the air! Really still looking forward to the scan on Monday.

In the meantime, I’m trying to stay sane…or at least appear that way.

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One Response to “Crazy is as crazy does.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    I had a lot of cramps early on too, which totally freaked me out. It’s one thing to read that it happens to other women, but another altogether when you’re like OH MY GOD WHAT IF I AM LOSING MY BABY OR THE BABY IS IN MY TUBES AND THAT IS WHY I AM CRAMPING.

    I can’t wait for your scan either 🙂

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