Candles? Cookies? Drug money?


What up, my dawgs. I’ve been spending plenty of time rubbing Bert’s Bees Wax marshmallow moisturiser into this godawful patch of dry skin under my lower lip. I think I referred to it a couple of weeks ago as a little red beard? It’s evolved into a SCALY little red beard.


As my driving test is in a few weeks, I decided I’d better see if I still know how to drive. Well, we’ve now lost two L-plates. Yes, they just fly off while I am driving. Going to have to pick up some more today. This may or may not be a sign from the universe.

I also need to think of affordable but nice Christmas gifts for Joy and Green. Was too sick to go shopping before the holidays. I was planning on getting ornaments, but Joy beat me to it. I don’t know what to get them. Don’t even have the slightest hint of an idea.  If Joy was not allergic to dairy and a lot of other shit, we might have been edging into homemade cookie territory. Hell, we might anyway.

What are small gifts that people like? But sort of personalised ones?

In other news, we went over to Bil and Sil’s last night. My little niece is now five months and a bit years old. As she was playing with various toys and giggling, I just kept thinking, ‘We’re going to have one of those?!?’

My new greatest fear is an etopic pregnancy. I swear to god, when will I relax? Ha. I suspect much relaxation will occur after the scan. T minus ten days.

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3 Responses to “Candles? Cookies? Drug money?”

  1. Casey Says:




    yer a pirate.

  2. Tatiana Says:

    I bookmarked these for next year:

    Personalized Spice Blends –

    I cook a LOT so the idea of getting all those spices into my house is probably what appeals the most about that gift 😉

    Or there are these, which take cheap stuff and make it look gooood:

    Gift baskets –

    Probably both things that I will rely on heavily in the future :]

    Congratulations on your beard!!

  3. Juice-ica Says:

    You’re crafty. Make ’em some soap:
    Snow-Globe Soap (You don’t have to go with the winter theme though, of course)

    I also have a link to homemade bath bombs:
    Homemade Bath Bombs

    The soaps are obviously much, much cuter though. ^_^

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