Is my child going to be Bart Simpson yellow?


Came here to write about how I AM the most inappropriate person on the planet, perhaps with a blow-by-blow account of the multiple conversations I’ve had today that prove it, then I saw Tatiana’s comment.

What constitutes fully cooked egg yolk? Not being runny? Both my eggs were runny. I didn’t know I couldn’t eat runny eggs. What else am I not supposed to eat aside from cat feces, soft cheeses, and …um…


5 Responses to “Is my child going to be Bart Simpson yellow?”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    I definitely check back on comments here :]

    Any undercooked meat / eggs are supposed to be taboo (it might be okay to go for medium cooked steak etc? not really sure since I don’t do red meat so I don’t pay attention). Even hand-made Caesar dressing is off-limits, since it contains raw eggs… and no licking the spoon if you make cookies (which I think is just cruel and unusual punishment). Um, soft cheeses are okay AS LONG AS they’re pasteurized (most feta & ricotta is, thankfully; Brie and other “stinky cheeses” aren’t) — same goes for stuff like apple cider. Any raw sushi should also be off your list, same for deli meat (I was so grateful I adhered to this one after there was a huge listeria breakout up here this summer) and if you buy seafood be sure it’s fresh, not the stuff that was shipped frozen then thawed and laid out on ice to be sold.

    I’m sure you can find ten thousand other things that’re supposed to be avoided … I just try to follow the things I listed above and consider it a job well done :]

    Also, I’m curious… in Canada/US, the midwives/doctors tell us to avoid alcohol, but I know in the UK (where my midwife is from) they say it’s fine for a pregnant woman to have 4 standard drinks over the course of a week, and I’ve read studies that concluded there is no negative impact from a standard size glass of wine per day for pregnant women. Are you in a country where they say NO ALCOHOL or is it like “hey, it’s cool for you to have a glass of wine with dinner” ?

    Why do I always end up writing comments the length of an entire post in response to you? Haha!

    • existere Says:

      I don’t eat any sort of meat or fish, so that appears to be half the battle right there.

      I am from a country you mentioned, and that country definitely does NOT say it’s a-okay to drink during pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant women not drink at all, though it is also recognised that the jury is out as to what a ‘safe limit’ is. As we don’t know, people say don’t drink. And four drinks in a week? NEVER would that be advised by a doctor.

      Though in the job I’m in, I must say I’ve seen babies born to mothers who were doing a lot worse. It’s just not a risk I would consider worth taking.

  2. Becca Says:

    You can have your runny egg if you use an egg that has been pasteurized in the shell! The brand I buy (Davidson’s) uses an all-natural warm-water process and contains no antibiotics or hormones. They have a fresh taste and are perfectly safe for eating the cookie dough too! Mmmm..

  3. sunbonnetsue Says:

    Just hunt down a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I hear it’s a terrible book in that it’s basically a giant list of things you aren’t supposed to do or eat while pregnant. One big scare tactic, I’m told.

  4. Laura Says:

    Or you can check out the CDC website. And see what the scientists say.

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