Seeeeeeeeriously. It cough-puked in my mouth two seconds after writing the last entry.


Tatiana, as always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the comments. I consider you an expert, you know – you ARE brewing up a gorgeous little tootsie in your tummy, after all.

Now –

I just coughed and almost threw up all over my desk. Said, ‘hmm’ then speed walked to the loo. Immediately threw up some water (as is my wont), and then spent some quality time dry heaving.

I don’t feel nauseated. I just feel like I need to throw up when I need to throw up, you know? For some reason, not feeling very YIPEE about the sudden onset water puking. I should be happy to be puking if it’s Baby Time, but I can’t help but think that I could psychosomatically making myself do this. And if I AM, then by god, I’m good. I sure surprised myself.

My throat feels sort of strained. I feel a little bit like you do when you need to puke but are holding it in. This morning during The Friday Morning Gag-A-Thon I was clucking like a chicken trying not to puke, choking out supportive phrases like, ‘Hold it on, come on now, you *cluck* are *cluck* fine. You don’t need to puke. You are done *cluck* brushing your teeth.’

Oh fuck. Even talking about brushing my teeth makes me need to cluck. I hope I don’t shit my pants while vomiting in the ice cold bathrooms at work. Like, seriously.

Also, another fun fact: my friend Corporate T HATES the sight or sound of anyone brushing their teeth. Could he be pregnant, a la Existere style?

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One Response to “Seeeeeeeeriously. It cough-puked in my mouth two seconds after writing the last entry.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    I adore you, and your rapid-fire updates are honestly cracking me up!! Every time I check my Google Reader there is a new post from you and I feel for you SO MUCH… my mind was racing like mad when this whole thing started too, I just didn’t have a blog at that time.

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