Dropping off the kids at the pool.


In the interest of accurate recording, I had really wacko leg pains this morning. Like I’d done a load of exercise. I assumed it’s because I did a lot of up-and-downing of stairs last night (if you count the one step into the bus as a ‘stair’), but am now on a wonderous site that says achy legs are a symptom of pregnancy.

My boobs are still nice and veiny. Also getting more sore. Think they look big as well.

I hope this is all just not wishful thinking.

My weird need-to-puke-OR-DO-I feeling from this morning has vanished. I still have not pooped. I cannot wait to just relax on the toilet tonight, for real.

Since the egg collection, peaceful and rapid poos are a thing of the past. If I’m not willing to sit and wait, nothing is willing to come out. But prior to today and yesterday, I pooped like 2389 times a day. Yesterday only the once. Today none. I am trying to casually fart at work without breaking the silence of the room. So far, so good.

Fun fact: when I was a baby, I couldn’ t be bothered to poop. My mom says that if I was playing or something, I would stop straining almost as soon as I started. She said my asshole would be dilated and completely brown with poo, and she’d need to ‘dig it out.’

Consider today a regression? Please, let there be no digging out.

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