8 days to stick peeing.


I’m a worried woman. The combined Incidents Of Last Night have really unsettled me, along with the lower back pain and fairly constant(ish) cramping in my lower abdomen.

Yes, I realise both are common in early pregnancy.

But I keep thinking – what if?

I am not entirely clearly what happens when nature and science mix. I mean, I had my embryo transfer on Day 22 of my cycle. But is it really Day 22 when you’ve had IVF and things have been hormally manipulated? It would make me feel better to think that my body recognised the egg collection as ovulation. That my body was giving the embryos as long as possible to do their thing.

I’m just nervous as, well, in a normal cycle my period would be due todayish.

The clinic rang and left a message yesterday, and I spoke to the head IVF nurse today. The woman who received my eggs apparently gave them a beautiful card she wanted passed on to me, and the nurse wanted to see if I was okay with that. The nurse also said she asked her to say a big thank you to me. And reiterated what an amazing thing it is to donate eggs.

All this would have been lovely yesterday when I felt preggo. Today I am still worried about last night. While lying on the couch during lunch time, I realised I’m being wacko. No one causes a miscarriage by opening a car door. (touch wood)

Been invited along to a meal tonight, but think I don’t want to risk a second night in a row of not lying down after inserting My Pal The Pessary.

Yes, I realise I’m a bit anal. But really, this is all worth being anal over. Am trying to recoup on my positivity – think I’m feeling neutral tinged with worry, but still sort of believing I’m pregnant?

This shit is killing me.

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One Response to “8 days to stick peeing.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    *hugs* Take it easy if that’s what you feel like doing… the great thing about pregnancy (okay, maybe it’s just the first one, when you don’t have a kid to look after already!) is it’s 9 months ALL ABOUT YOU. If you want to nap three times a day, do it… if you want to lie on the couch and skip going to dinner, do it… it is your choice, it’s about what makes YOU comfortable and happy.

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