Long-awaited and anticipated. (But not emaciated.)


Okay, folks. I pulled my finger out and decided to post some pics.

Here’s a shot (no pun intended until I realised it was a pun) of me pointing to where the first injection was. With my other hand, I’m covering up a few errant ‘poobs’ that semi-embarassed me at the clinic. Note the awesome green pajama pants. They are covered in a repeating pattern of fried eggs:


Next up, a shot of the first lot of syringes and meds. These are the injections I’ve been taking right from the beginning, and I’m still taking them, just on a reduced dosage. Since this picture was taken, I’ve been given about 600 more syringes. And a whole new SHARPS container I’m hoping to use as a piggy bank, as I’m white trash sometimes.


Syringe art:


After that first bad injection, we decided to ‘practice’ with water. This is TMD digging into the SHARPS container for the used needle. (Because she’s white trash sometimes, too.)


And her flicking the air out of a needle (No, I don’t know why you would want to see this. But it’s my life lately. Except I don’t bother to fucking flick anymore. Dancing with death, I am.)


Those needles look really long in pictures. Wow. Anyway, next picture: my cat checking out the second lot of medications. These are a bit different. See the box with the picture of a pen on it? That pen is where we insert vials of hormones, as well as shiny new needles (all in different boxes. Wall-E would not approve of the mess all this makes.) Mr. Cool is the blue bag. Obviously, I suppose.


My stomach again, with poobs. Note the light yellow bruising. This is pretty much it as far as bruises go, though this spot has ripened into a deeper, more disgusting shade of yellow.


Finally, art! This picture is about four feet wide and a foot tall. Hence I needed to take it in two pictures for the sort of close up action we all want.

Left side:


Right side:


There in the background you can see the checked fabric of our new sofabed. My mother was convinced it was infested while she was here. It wasn’t/isn’t. And is actually quite comfy.

So, what do you think? (Not about the sofabed, necessarily.)


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9 Responses to “Long-awaited and anticipated. (But not emaciated.)”

  1. tia Says:

    i love that art. it’s so great!

    those bruises look like that stuff that they put on you in surgery when they are sterilizing the skin around where they cut.

  2. qbubbles Says:

    Ooo… major props to sticking yourself full of needles. If I have to come to that, I’m giving up. Cannot do it. Deal breaker like WOAH! I’ll go to Korea before I stab myself. Major major props.

  3. Tatiana Says:

    The needles are scary and the picture is AWESOME! ❤

  4. existere Says:

    Thanks all!

    qbubbles – Lots of people have said similar things to me. As a past needle phobic, I have to say that the shots really aren’t that bad at all. I promise. Still, hoping you don’t ever have to decide about them!

  5. casey Says:

    yow!!! Thats a lot of needles… but the cute animals make up for it…!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Juice-ica Says:

    I LOVE the art! Is it supposed to go into the baby’s room?

  7. existere Says:

    It’s going to go in the baby’s room, but it’s for us as well!

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