When three gather in my name.


The train doors opened, TMD exclaimed, ‘It’s snowing!’, and the train driver said, ‘Attention, it is now snowing, so do take care on your journey home.’

Yes. Snow.

This means we didn’t get to practice driving tonight. I suppose it doesn’t matter – an extra half hour will not make me pass if I’m not ready for the test. However, if the weather is like this tomorrow the test is bound to be cancelled, because people in this country freak out when it snows. We’re lucky we got the train we did – another ten minutes and I bet there would have been severe delays.

I think I would feel relieved if the test were cancelled. If we weren’t going to be making babies, I wouldn’t give a damn about not being able to drive. I’ve lived here (legally, anyway) for over seven years and survived just fine without a license. But now that we live in the sticks and I’m sure to need to be able to get around, suddenly it all feels important.

Boo hiss boo.

As you come to the end of this entry, shut your eyes and send a quick wish my way.

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