(three) Jason


I loved you so deep I found myself, and lost myself. Burned into my memory, my love of fourteen years ago. I remember the feel of your hair. The curls.

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2 Responses to “(three) Jason”

  1. casey Says:

    the first love.


    You never forget them. Details. . . ever.

    If mine didn’t die… if she were here, I would never be where I am right now. My first love, as much as she were my soul mate, she and I were like fire and water… which, I think made it even more passionate.

    She died.

    I still look at her pictures…. I still think, what if? I miss her from the middle of my heart.

    Though, I am completely happy in my very healthy relationship that I am in…. now, I am in a forever relationship… its different. screwed up, no?


  2. existere Says:


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