Being helpful on a Tuesday morning.


Up on the right there, you’ll see a link called ‘baby related books.’ This is where I’m planning to keep track of the books I read that are relevant to this topic, including little blurbs that will help jog my memory. I welcome any suggestions of stuff you feel is worth reading!

I may do a therapy books section as well, although that would have to be a ‘best of the best’ type situation because I’ve read hundreds of the things. I imagine at some point the same will be true of ttc/pregnancy/baby books.

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6 Responses to “Being helpful on a Tuesday morning.”

  1. Casey Says:

    The CM is the key, isn’t it?

    On FF, even when you plug in that you got a – OPK combined with EWCM, BOOM- green light it is.

    I am beginning to think that the OPK strips are the work of lucifer. Your thoughts– as I am going to pick your brain on this. I woud much rather read lesbian erotica. haha.

  2. existere Says:

    CM is a biggie – but in a younger woman, you could have around 5 days or so of EW. EW and the cervix position/opening/texture are the ones that let you know you’re going to ovulate – along with those damn strips. I don’t much like them either – but did you know that they are geared toward the ‘average’? That means that a faint line for you might be the positive – your body might just produce less of the hormone than other people.

    There are special, more pricey models (though I think the cost balances out over time) that get used to your body and offer you specific ‘green lights’. This is probably more accurate….unless you are down with the CM and cervix stuff. Temping is worthwhile as well, because it will tell you if you HAVE ovulated….which can let you know things are working even if the little strips are being bastards.

    Was this clear? I hope so.

    Perhaps my next step is erotica.

  3. Casey Says:


    This might be TMI but whaver.

    Every month since I started paying attention, I have noticed the CM and thought “OH!” the +OPK will come any day now. Now I look back and think- you idiot.. that WAS the + sign that you needed.

    Okay- next month is going to be a whole new game.

    I try to think positive– but that leads me into a strange fantasy world where I start to think things like.. “oh! If I get pregnant in Nov. people will notice that I wont be drinking or anything on NYE, and they will question it.. I will have to play innocent and blahablaabahablablah.. ”

    That, in my mind, is a sure jinx. But my brain keeps doing it.

    I need to start shaking chicken legs or something equally as voodoo like.

  4. existere Says:

    Dude, you can make yourself a nice little mystery drink that looks alcoholic but isn’t. You know, if you want to be crazy like me and things.

    I think the thing with EW is to note how many days it lasts – if you’re only going to do one insem, it should be on the LAST day of EW to be the most effective.

    If chicken legs work for you, please tell me so I can try, too.

  5. Casey Says:

    OHH !!!!!!!!!! SEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t KNOW that !!!!

    The last day. Got it.

    I have fresh sperm … so, as gross as it is.. (trust me on this IS)

    I can do it more times than once. That is about the only thing I have going for me ATM.

  6. existere Says:

    Girl. That is GOOD. Every other day, then, if it’s from the same donor – unless he is having sex elsewhere and needs to save up on the sperm count. The EW appears building up to the peak day – that’s the day you are most fertile, right before ovulation.

    Seriously – Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It’s good shit!! Also have a link to a lezzzzzzzzbian fertility book on my baby books page as well. I should possibly charge both authors commision.

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