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Eid Mubarak and Happy Rose Hashanah!!!

Two holidays on one day. Is this like a religious eclipse? If so, good things should happen today. Oh wait, my parking already sorted itself out.

Seriously, though, to my pallies who’ve been fasting for all of Ramadan – enjoy eating during sunlight again. No more vampire foodie lifestyle. And to the non-Muslim Jews of my aquaintance, happy New Year!

(And another religious holiday: a woman in an office below ours asked me to join her ‘choir’ and practice Christmas songs. I smiled and tried not to betray my nervous twitches.)

[this space reserved for Rose Hashanah flair, which does not exist.:( ]


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4 Responses to “Spread the love.”

  1. Katie Says:

    There is kinda sorta Rosh Hashana Flair, if those are in fact the same thing. There’s a sheep with two little Jewish flags and one that says Shana Tovah, and a couple others that make no sense to me. You could totally friend me through my e-mail address, and I could send them unto you.

  2. existere Says:

    What’s your email address?

  3. Katie Says:

    Sorry- I thought Mr. WordPress published it so you could see it, since I type it for the comments. It’s kthspianATnetinsDOTnet, and when you search that, I’m the only one that comes up. My icon’s a picture of a jacket with (and I’ve had it up since before Flair existed as an app) Flair on it.

  4. existere Says:

    NICE. Sent the friend request…

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