I just wrote ‘once and awhile’ in the previous post. I’ve fixed it now, but it horrifies me.

My friend/ex-roommate Cookie once dated this girl we’ll call Crazy Short Girl. Now, Crazy truly was crazy, but I think it was her grammar problems that sealed the deal for me. And for Cookie, come to think of it.

In a totally non-crazy way, Cookie and I read Crazy’s blogs for years after they’d broken up (and the blog of her new gf. I know, right?) and Crazy had this annoying habit of writing ‘all well’ every third sentence. As in, ‘All well, I guess things are working out.’ She meant ‘oh well.’

I hope I am not turning into her, with my ‘once and awhile.’ Ga-ga-ga-gross.


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2 Responses to “Meeeeeeeeeeeemories.”

  1. cuddlynn Says:

    There is a girl I know, whom I work with actually, who instead of saying/typing ‘feels shot’ (as in, uber tired from the workday) says/types ‘feels shut’. It irks me!

  2. existere Says:

    Has she ever been corrected? A mean post-it might suffice.

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