Viruses are fun for everyone.


So….I tested positive for something on one of the blood tests. My first thought wasn’t what it was or the effect it might have on me. No, I thought, I hope I can still be an egg sharer. Have a call in to the clinic to book my FINAL blood test (if I have any blood left) and will try to clarify with them the results I received today.

I’ve done some clever googling on the topic, and am not worried about this particular virus. Apparently 50-80% of women of childbearing age have it. I also ended up at the website of the regulating body for fertility treatments, and it gives clinical guidance that I CAN still donate – but only to women who also test positive. I’m guessing my clinic will follow that guidance, because egg donors are in short supply and they’d be cutting off a whole load of people if they blackballed seropositive people.

I think I contracted this little ditty in college – I wonder if Cookie remembers the menengitis scares on campus, and the time sort of around that period where all I could do was sleep in Chairy? My medical psychic powers are pinpointing that as the one and only time this virus particularly flared up.


Had a mild freak out when I read about how it can affect pregnant women and pre-natal babies, but apparently the side effects only happen if the mum contracts it for the first time during pregnancy. I don’t know about breastfeeding and if I’ll be able to now that I’m all communicable-diseased-up, but that’s another question for another day.

Peace out, my seropositive and seronegative brothas and sistas.


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