FUCK being a teenager again when I am thirty.


Just had a fucking rage fest about parallel parking. Who needs it, I say?

I used to be just fine when it came to parking. Then along came my driving instructor, who taught me his ‘foolproof’ method for parking and scorned any other method. Granted, I didn’t so much have a ‘method’ as just an ability to park, but still.

I don’t know if the method only works in his type of car (mine is much bigger), or if I have suddenly turned into The Shittiest Driver On Earth, but I fucked up parking about eleven times tonight. That’s right, 0 for 11.

I’m feeling glum, panicked, angry. Wishing I wasn’t taking the fucking driving test on Friday, I’ll tell you that. Cross your fingers for the turn in the road and reversing round the corner.


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3 Responses to “FUCK being a teenager again when I am thirty.”

  1. FallenAngel Says:

    *fingers crossed* i saw your status on facebook and was like “surely she blogged about it ” sure enough…. you did 😀 all this worry and you will be kicking yourself on Friday when you don’t even get a parallel park.

    My driver side mirror has been broken for the last few months so if i’ve been parking on the right side of the road i’ve either had to turn around and to make it the left side of the road… so i have a mirror or do it all with my door open and hanging out the door hahaha…. good job i don’t have to take a test soon cos surely thats a fail!

  2. cuddlynn Says:

    Parallel parking is such a bitch. I don’t remember the last time I actually parallel parked, and I’ve been driving for almost 9 years. It’s one of those things you avoid after you get your license. Try not to worry about it too much, it’s not worth it!
    *crosses fingers*

  3. existere Says:

    Thank you!!! I think the worst part would be the humiliation of not getting a license when I’ve had one for The Other Country for like 14 years!

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