Cruisin’ for no arm bruisin’.


Called the clinic. The nurse I spoke to was uber-casual about the positive result and said it shouldn’t affect my ability to donate eggs.

Next piece of good news you probably don’t care about: I got my period on Saturday night. This is brilliant as a late period might have pushed back conception quite far, and this was actually two days early. Yay for early ovulation. My body is going haywire, but at least it’s all good news on the fertility side.

Have an appointment at 8 am tomorrow for the blood test. HOW GROSS.

When December rolls around and I’m going in every other day for monitoring, I am going to be one tired kitten. But I have bought a special too big pair of pants to wear for the procedures – comfort is the order of the day. I’ll also be quite bloated from the drugs, or so I’ve heard. Plus, I don’t want to squish the twins out of me as soon as they are put in. (‘Twins’ being my loose way of referring to the two embryos they will be putting back in me, all going well. WHICH IT WILL.)

I can sort of see the appeal of being a hypochondriac.


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