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Ain’t no party like a Diet Coke party.

September 17, 2008

This whole baby thing is already driving me slightly crazy. I don’t know what it will be like to be actually trying for a child, because right now I haven’t had anything done to my body (not really, anyway), and I already feel I can wear the label ‘trying to conceive’ without it being a total lie.

Went to my doctor’s in my lunch hour to pick up blood tests – only two results were back. They were the two I didn’t even need. There is a big question mark over the other tests and whether they will be free or not. Tomorrow morning I’ve got blood tests at our non-free clinic – tests for cystic fibrosis as well as a chromosomal analysis. This is to make sure I’m not donating eggs to other people that will hatch baby monsters, I assume.

I am just not a take-it-easy kind of person, much as I would like to think I am. I need to have things planned out, have a clear outline – at least in relation to babymaking. I’d like to know when we can start, and there is so much uncertainty in the air I’m always feeling a wee bit nervous. I also feel really really positive, though, so that’s the good part.

Every time my right abdomen hurts, I get annoyed because it means I will have to go ahead and have the laparoscopy. Annoying, and I bet they find nothing aside from the tiny cyst non-free clinic found. (Free tests did NOT find it. I am not surprised – you get what you pay for?)

I also know I’ve got the tendancy to go a bit obsessive. I think my major task right now is just relaxing. To that end, I am drinking tea again on occasion, as well as the odd Diet Coke. Go, me! I’m so crazy I don’t know what to do with myself!



Pondering the possible.

September 17, 2008

And now to move away from these posts on the mind and delve solidly into the body-

I haven’t pooped yet today. How is this possible?