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Cast away.

September 14, 2008

For the moment, I’ve decided that is too much fucking trouble. Back to Fertility Friend I go.

Truth is, since we’ve basically decided on IVF life has turned good again. I’m still taking my temp every morning and peeing on little ovulation sticks, but I’m not so fussed about the whole thing. I’m having some coffee at work and some Diet Coke at home.

I’m got more relaxed about my cervix (although it was SO LOW today it felt like it was trying to make a break for freedom). Everything seems easier and more normal, and I think that is because IVF takes the trouble out of conceiving. Don’t get me wrong – it adds injections and all sorts of IVF-y problems, but it makes me less fearful to take an allergy pill because they dry out your cervical fluid, and that is a sign of fertility.

I took an allergy pill last night and it was almost sensual it’s been so long since I had one.

I think IVF is the way I’ll feel most like myself, able to just live ordinary life – at least for the next month or two while we build up to it. And I think pregnancy is best and most likely when life is going on as per usual (assuming, of course, that life per usual doesn’t involve drugs/alcohol/bad things).

While gardening today I kept thinking, ‘Next year at this time there will be a little baby.’ I really hope that’s true. Or true times two.



September 14, 2008

This weekend was full of good things: sex, pizza, gardening (ie ‘surgical intervention’), rosehip bath oil, and…Flight of the Conchords. One of TMD’s friends from work introduced her, and we spent an embarassing amount of time watching all their shit on YouTube.

TMD’s fave:

My fave:

Be more constructive with your criticism!

TMD would also recommend watching ‘Business Time.’ To my glee, I have found that there is tons of Flight of the Conchords flair.

While I would like to be a Dar Williams or an Ani DiFranco, I’m fairly certain I’m actually Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. In case you’re wondering which one he is, he’s the supercute nerdy one that simply HAS to be queer, or else my gaydar is misfunctioning terribly.

Also, how the fuck do I get YouTube stuff right into my blog?