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September 10, 2008

For a few weeks before my birthday I felt a mild irritation with TMD. In the week before my birthday, this escalated to something more. You see, a couple of months ago I dropped very strong hints that I would love a surprise party. I’ve never had one, and thirty is a big birthday. Then I stepped back…and back….and back.

So far back that I didn’t plan anything with anyone, other than Corporate T and Aussie. Suddenly it was days before my birthday and friends were asking me what I was doing to celebrate. I felt embarassed that I hadn’t invited them to anything.

Then we went to the clinic, where I think we all know I stepped into a little world called ‘I am no longer ashamed of crying in public, because I am too distressed and overloaded to care what other people think.’ The plan for weeks had been to meet Corporate T and Aussie afterwards for lunch, and then TMD said she’d invited them up to ours for the weekend – and we would also be rollerskating. Because I had said I would indeed fancy rollerskating – around the time I said I would like a surprise party – this seemed very realistic to me. I genuinely did not question it at all.

After lunch (more tears, great presents, got a wee bit drunk) we went to a pub where I was greeted by friends who’d got there early to set up balloons and banners! They were wearing crowns and blowing horns. A really nice mix of people came – from Day Job, my counselling course, family. Brother-In-Law and Sister-In-Law even brought GingerBabe on her first trip to the city! Lovely!

TMD went through such a huge effort, apparently sending covert emails and texts all the time. I didn’t notice a thing. Perhaps I was too wrapped up in my annoyance at her supposed lack of planning? It was a nice start to thirty, which I have to say is a pretty good year so far. Five days down, 360 to go.