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Thirty facts about me/my life/etc on my thirtieth birthday!

September 5, 2008

My father has borderline personality disorder,
my mother went into labour with me
on labour day,
my grandmother marched in the first
union march in the
country I was born in.

I love buying journals and have trouble
finishing them. I have five holes in my
ears and no more hole
in my tongue.
I have one crown in my mouth,
no tattoos, and
a serious distaste of earthworms.

I’m 5’8, taller than my mother (only just)
and shorter than my
father. Once, playing under a sleeping bag,
I watched my sister swallow a
I met TMD in 1998, I moved to this
country permanently in 2001 (we can
ignore the extensive visiting in 2000).

My grandfather had a huge collection
Reader’s Digest books,
and he ate popcorn every night from
a giant wooden bowl.
He and my grandmother were
first generation in my home country.

I never thought about being
from that country until I moved
far away from it, and my accent and cultural
habits made me an oddity.

I dislike cutting my toenails (because it’s
icky, not because I want long claw hooks),
I’ve worn glasses since I was eight,
I lost my virginity when I was 16. My wife
has a killer voice
and plays the guitar like a dream.

I have never met my father’s side
of my family,
I have never met my grandparents’
across-the-ocean family,
I wonder sometimes how they fared in
the Holocaust, with all those
death camps sprinkled around.

I am not German or Austrian.

I’ve slept with more boys
than girls
but been with TMD probably longer
than all other relationships combined.
I’m a serial monogomist.

I used to tap dance.
I cannot do a cartwheel.

(I think I counted correctly. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday in one way or another. The first fact of my 31st year: I love comments on this diary. It makes me feel listened to, valued, and like someone has reached out to make a connection with me. Love to you all!)



September 5, 2008

I’ve been referred for a laparoscopy – but it is kind of optional. Basically, I’ve had abdominal pain since 19 July (the birth date of my niece, incidentally. Being a counsellor I have to ask myself if there is some sort of psychological basis for this pain!) and my doctor can’t find a reason for it. I’ve had blood tests, urine tests, been admitted to hospital for observation, two abdominal scans, and two transvaginal scans. He thinks it is something pelvic, particularly as I have experienced pain durning the latest transvaginal scan.

The next step is exploratory surgery.

My doctor said there is no reason to not try for pregnancy for next month. While ‘something strange’ is going on, he really seems to think it’s not a potentially bad something strange. He then said that unfortunately things would need to get more invasive – meaning the laparoscopy. It sounded like it was up to me.

I’ve just booked for a surgical assessment on 22 Sept, but am debating whether or not to have this surgery. I know it is the right thing to do, as if something is wrong – particularly something that could affect a baby or my fertility – I should get it sorted out now. But postponing babymaking by another month? Ouch. (They won’t do the surgery on a potentially pregnant woman, nor would I want them to.)

Any feedback on anything remotely relevant to this is welcome – have you had this op? How long did it take to recover? Was it useful?

I guess I’m afraid on two counts – that it will be a pointless week off work (how fucking embarassing I keep taking time off for this!!!!), or that they will find something which will require treatment that pushes the baby even further back.

If you pray/chant/whatever, please send some good vibes my way that the pain will just go away. The doctor said there was a good chance it might just disappear before the surgery.