Pictures motivate me.


Been posting lots of pictures to various sites, and I was pleased to find a particular shot. Corporate T wants it as his Facebook profile picture, because he’s so proud of himself. And he should be! He looks fab.

Maybe me and him should be Weight Watchers co-leaders. We can use this picture on our publicity material:

 skinny bitches

It occurs to me that we could also use it on brochures for Our Super Friendly And Gay Painting Service. Keep your eyes on your mailboxes.

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3 Responses to “Pictures motivate me.”

  1. Corporate T Says:

    Thanks!!! Although after the shelf painting incidence, I’m not sure that our painting company is going to be all that successful…

  2. cuddlynn Says:

    So I’m hijacking your post to tell you to listen to “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry. It’s my current summer jam tune and oh-so-easy to commit to memory even when you may not like the song. I love the tune, and maybe you’d think it’s catchy also. If not, hey, I still hijacked your post.
    Nice abs, btw.

  3. existere Says:

    Jill Sobule (I think is her name) did a song by this exact same name a few years back. I wonder if it is the same? Very pop-ish, bouncy, upbeat?

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