Fucked up things we saw yesterday. Some creepy, some cool.


Every once and awhile I have a twinge of misgiving. Like, I should totally have just tried a life of private practice. Tonight I had one for about a half second, when a client asked if she could please continue to see me privately after our contract at the agency ended.

I really fancy not living a life where I work full time and do all sorts of crazy extra-hours shit. I dream of maternity leave and putting up ads for private practice, and just living a life of writing and private practice. That is my dream. Half writing, half private practice – and a whole lotta family time as well.

Aaaaaaanyway. Back to the Essay of Doom. Feel free to judge me for not having completed it yet. In the meantime:

yesterday 1

yesterday 2

yesterday 3

The end.

For now…

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One Response to “Fucked up things we saw yesterday. Some creepy, some cool.”

  1. Juice-ica Says:

    The broccoli picture is absolutely AMAZING. What circumstances could’ve possibly produced something like that??

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